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Topics That Speak to You

Dr. Holly Brand speaks on a variety of topics regarding relationships, 

communication, personality, parenting, stress, healthy living, and can also customize a presentation for your organization or group. Contact Holly for more information and to check availability.

The Yellow Umbrella


On a rainy day, how many yellow umbrellas do you see?  Why are they so rare since they stand out like a ray of sunshine amidst the usual black umbrellas? "The Yellow Umbrella" is all about lettingyour light shine in a dark world. Learn how to carry joy in spite of circumstances, how to open up and share your joy with others, and how to protect your joy from annoying gusts of wind like busyness, other people, and circumstances. This is an uplifting and inspirational message that encourages audiences to experience abundant life and become people who carry a "yellow umbrella."


(45 minutes to 1 hour)

Beyond the Stork: How to Talk to Kids about Sex

When to begin and what is age-appropriate


Do you break into a cold sweat at the idea of talking to your child or teen about sex? You’re not alone. Ninety percent of American parents either avoid the issue altogether or do an inadequate job of preparing their children. Unfortunately, the latest statistics show that 3 out of 4 teens have had sex by age 19.


Most of society's energy is spent on talking to teens about sexuality. The problem is that a big part of the audience has already had sex. Dr. Brand focuses on equipping parents to do their job in a powerful effort to lower the teen sex rate. God’s word is clear on this topic. This aspect of our children's development is far too important to leave to chance, or to the media, to educate our sons and daughters. 


Holly provides important and current information on how teenagers think, the consequences of adolescent sex, and practical techniques on when to start communicating with your children, what is age-appropriate, and how to start.


(2 hours or half-day seminar with breakout sessions)

My Nickname was Kansas!


Do you look to your appearance, achievements, relationships, or other things to find your value?  Do you struggle with poor self-esteem and its consequnces like eating disorders, depression, addiction, and others?  Holly weaves her own testimony through this message of approval, self-worth, identity, and significance. She talks openly about her deep need for approval that never came until she met and fell in love with Jesus. Discover the truth about who you are and whose you are in this encouraging and life-changing message!


(40 minutes to 1 hour)

The Power of Personality

Learn how to make personality differences work for you


Are there people in your life that you simply don’t understand? Your spouse, children, boss, employees, friend, or parent? Personality differences can make marriage, work, and life either exciting or miserable. Understanding your personality and that of others can be a positive game changer. Holly highlights the four main personality types, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each, and discusses how to get along better with just about anybody. Gain insight and understanding into your own personality and that of others and see your relationships change for the better.


(2 hours or a full-day seminar with personality analysis and breakout sessions with team building and communication activities)

Marital Bliss or Marital Blisters?

Help your marriage not only survive, but thrive


The statistics on divorce speak for themselves. Do you know the number one predictor of whether or not marriages survive the first year? Holly will share that predictor along with practical tips to better understand your spouse’s personality and love language. This seminar also presents effective communication techniques, practical ideas for romance, and common killers of intimacy.


(Variable seminar length depending on desired length of event - can be effectively adapted to a singles’ audience where the discussion focuses on issues that should be discussed before marriage)

Disciplining Your Children: Disaster or Delight?

Create a win-win environment that encourages your children to thrive


Are you overwhelmed with the job of trying to discipline your children and ready to pull your hair out? As the parent of two boys and a girl, Holly understands—she’s yanked a few strands of her own! Holly helps make sense out of the mountain of parenting and discipline advice that seems to be ever-changing in our society. Learn age-appropriate discipline techniques, personality differences in children, and practical tips for handling temper tantrums, and even better, preventing them altogether.


(1-2 hour seminar)

Stress Rules

Conquering the stress that tries to conquer you


Are you sick of being stressed out and feeling like you are running in all directions? Would you like to minimize your stress and respond better to it? Do you want to live a long and healthy life? You need to know the "secret" to doing so -  what God says about our worry and anxiety. 


Holly ties together her knowledge of psychology, stress, and human development to explain the clear link and the physiological evidence that ties together stress, aging, and illness. Most importantly, you'll learn valuable and practical steps for reducing and managing your stress level, as well as how to change the way you think about your stress. It truly is a matter of life and death.


(1 hour seminar)

Use it or Lose it

Are you aging like fine wine or just whining?


Are you nearing retirement, or are you already there?  Are you concerned about the aging process and/or frustrated with your memory? This milestone portion of the human lifespan is often met with mixed emotions, especially fear. Learn the factors that determine a positive or negative reaction to retirement and ways to maximize your satisfaction during this transition. Additionally, Holly presents recent research regarding the most beneficial and practical activities to engage in at any age to strengthen and maintain cognitive abilities. This is an especially helpful, entertaining, and powerful seminar when Holly's husband, Brand Asset Management Group President Todd Brand, joins her to discuss the financial aspects of retirement.


(Variable seminar depending on needs of the event)

American Idle


Are you an “American Idle?” How do you spend your time? Do you know the “good, better, best principle?” Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere? This message will address these questions and more as Holly shares Scripture verses and practical ways to scrutinize your entertainment options, understand your purpose, set goals, and discover your gifts and abilities. You can live life to the fullest and never earn the title “American Idle.”


(30 minutes to 1 ½ hours)


*This is also adaptable to a singles’ audience where Holly discusses how to avoid wasting your singleness and allowing God to transform your character. The title becomes “Single American Idle.”

The Parable of the Soap Opera


What kind of an example do you set in the way you live?  What shows and movies do you watch? What do you listen to or read?  Based on 1 Timothy 4:12 and 1 Corinthians 10:31, Holly maps out the concept that "what goes into us is what comes out of us." She provides humorous examples, practical advice. and a strong challenge to the audience on how to scrutinize entertainment and be an example to others that looks more like Jesus. 


(40 minutes to five 30-minute sessions)

Smart Talk Communication Seminar

Words matter - learn how to maximize their positive impact for you


Are you struggling in your relationships and don’t know why? How do you communicate with others? We’re born with the ability to learn language, but communicating effectively does not come naturally. With humor and powerful yet practical guidance,  Holly shares the importance of nonverbal communication, specific techniques and killers of effective communication, successful conflict resolution, and so much more.


(Variable seminar depending on desired length of event)

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