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A Passion for People

Dr. Holly Brand has crafted her professional career around one goal: help others find security, identity, and purpose in Christ. Whether it be to young people trying to discern God’s vision for their professional paths, an engaged couple on the verge of starting their new life together, or parents struggling to raise Godly children in a society battling against Christian values, Holly brings clarity and focus to anyone wishing to find God’s desire for their life.


Holly offers a variety of services, including:


Speaking – equipping businesses, women’s groups, and family/parenting organizations to live their strengths 

Marriage Enrichment – many of today’s marriages are floundering when they could be flourishing; Holly offers wisdom and practical guidance to experience marriage to the fullest 


Parenting Seminars – helping parents of children and teens establish God-ordained boundaries and discipline, develop positive communication channels, and talk to kids about sex and relationships according to God’s Word


Christian Premarital Guidance – walking couples through God’s Word and encouraging dialogue that helps clarify roles and set goals toward experiencing marriage as God intends.

Mentoring – providing Christ-centered direction to women of all ages who are seeking to make the best possible decisions for their lives


For more information about any of these services, contact Holly.

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