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Christ hasn't changed, the culture has.

Since the original Christ & Culture was published in 2015, God’s word has remained fixed and powerful. It speaks truth into every area of our lives. But, our children often hear from a different source. The world continues to distort and deny God and to do so in more subtle, and at the same time, more bold ways.

A decade ago, the typical teen was unaware of “transgenderism.” Now most of our kids know someone struggling with what the world says about their identity. Social media use has skyrocketed. Covid happened. Diversity instead of unity. Pride instead of humility. Confusion. Unsurprisingly, today’s young people are described as the most anxious generation in history. The results of a Godless culture are devastating.

Christ & Culture 2.0 has been updated with 11 brand new topics and revised to reflect these cultural changes unimagined a decade ago. It presents a side-by-side comparison and clear distinction between what the world teaches and what the Word teaches about relevant daily life issues.

Teaching reliable and unchangeable truth, wisdom, and practical ways of guarding hearts and minds, Christ & Culture 2.0 is an essential in-the-moment resource for children, teens, parents, and teachers.


Let’s change the culture for Christ.


Order "Christ & Culture 2.0" TODAY!

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